Bisexuality, must we make a choice?

Even though today our society tends to be more accepting of homosexual orientation, there is still a lot of work to be done on bisexuality. Many believe that behind this hides repressed homosexuality and that the in-between does not exist. Does the bisexual person have to make a choice? Here is my answer.

Bisexuality, bi-curiousness, heteroflexibility. Several ways to describe a love attraction and/or sexual for both sexes.


Bisexuality is the experience of sexual attraction and the desire to maintain romantic relationships with both sexes. In alternation or simultaneously, the degree of attraction for the man and the woman varies according to the chances of life, the different meetings, and the sexual interests.


Bi-curiosity translates into stable sexual orientation (homosexual or heterosexual), but with some interest for sex to whom one is not usually attracted.


Heteroflexibility is often used when a heterosexual person enjoys certain moments for sexual experiences with a person of the same sex. Several young women can be, for example, during a drunken evening.

In 1948, the sexologist Alfred Kinsey had already researched sexual orientation, and these have established a scale that showed that homosexuality and heterosexuality were rarely exclusive.

Are all bisexuals?

Does this scale mean that we are all bisexual? Of course not. As it is still used today, the range proves that bisexuality exists but at various levels. These people do not say that they fall in love with a man or a woman; they say that they are in love with people, regardless of their gender. It all depends on the context, the person or the period of life. Whether by fantasy, by simultaneous or successive encounters, there are many ways to live bisexuality. The important thing is to listen to your heart, as you should for any romantic relationship.

Why is bisexuality disturbing?


“Because straight people take us for homosexuals, take a look to gay escort France, and homosexuals take us for straight guys. Replied a woman considering herself as bisexual.

Our society forces us too often to see all white or all black and shades of gray give way to the perception of too much indecision. Bisexual people claim the right not to be forced to choose, and they are right to do so.

Female bisexuality is often better accepted than male bisexuality. Could it be because this concept is often linked to a male fantasy? Possible. Several young women mention that they have fun to be bisexual the moment of an evening, to attract the eyes of men.

Openly bisexual, Madonna does not hesitate to show her colors. If only by the famous kiss exchanged with Britney Spears, the female bisexuality is, nowadays, marketing and salesman. Shocking? You are right. Admit that if it had been Elton John and Pete Wentz (rock bassist Fall Out Boy), the impact would not have been the same. I am sure that many would have cried foul.

The malaise in the face of ambivalence

Bisexual orientation can also be misinterpreted by a partner who is not. There is discomfort with sexual ambivalence. “Today he is with me, but if ever I do not suffice? Worried a man in love with a bisexual.

Bisexuality is very complimentary for its followers. The man responds to certain needs and the woman will respond to others. In the best of all worlds, some say they want to have a stable partner who will let them meet their needs with the other sex on occasion. A sharing rarely accepted in our society. People prefer exclusivity.

Bisexual people continually struggle with contempt of heterosexual people. Their message is not shocking: the key is in the quality of the relationship whether with a man or a woman.

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