Interracial hotwifing: a modern fetish that breaks an old taboo

 Dear women, has your husband ever talked about hot fantasies of flirting with black men? Of course, any woman can be afraid of such a question and consider her man suspicious. Surely, if your man, husband or boyfriend asks you such a question, then your first reaction will be fear and embarrassment.

Fetish of healthy people. Hotwife and interracial relationships.

You won’t believe it, but many men are tormented by the fantasy of sex their woman on the side, and some are especially obsessed with interracial hotwife. And that’s okay.

Perhaps if you heard about this fantasy from him, you think that he is up to something bad. But it’s not. This does not mean that he:

  • fell out of love with you;
  • he did not start an affair on the side;
  • he is not trying to destroy your relationship or family.

Of course, this fetish has its psychological reasons. One way or another, many men find pleasure in the fact that their wives and girlfriends have sex with other men. For some of them, a woman’s interracial ties deliver a special sweetness.

For him, you are sexy and desirable, and he wants to get his sexual pleasure only from you. It becomes a pleasure for him that he breaks 2 taboos at once: allowing his wife to have sex with  another man and allowing previously forbidden interracial sex to happen.

A woman also violates these taboos. But it turns out that she does this in a legal marriage, and both spouses are satisfied with what is happening. This eliminates the negative impact of betrayal or jealousy, which can torment the couple.

We are all different people. And it’s okay to be a non-monogamous woman.

A very large burden of responsibility always falls on a woman, she must comply with moral standards. It has always been so. Our society is always more carefully watching a woman and her behavior. This leaves a certain imprint, and can lead to moral suffering and depression.

But if you were born a woman or became one, then it is not at all necessary that you are monogamous. And in the modern world, there is this fetish that finally allows women, even in legal marriage, to accept themselves and live such a life. Hotwife is a lifestyle of accepting your polygamy and enjoying your marriage.

Why do some hotwives choose black men? For many women and their husbands, black partners — bulls are attractive for various reasons. Perhaps a lot of this is stereotyped, but above all it is their size, stamina, different sexuality. For some, it is the contrast of the skin and the opportunity to be in a subordinate and weak position that are attractive and at the same time desirable and sexy for a man of a different race.

If in a couple both a man and a woman are ready to try a hotwifing, then this will allow them to live in peace with each other and open up sexually from a completely different side. Where the husband is watching hot sex with the woman he loves the most. And the woman does it. What she wants not only with her man. And in the end, get high and fun from self-acceptance and a happy life.

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