Sometime after my first erotic massage experience I decided to get another and a slightly different one. I had a little money saved up so I decided to go ahead and enjoy myself like never before.

Plus I was still single at that time so I wouldn’t be hurting anyone’s feelings.

Making my appointment

Easy as it can be, I called to the chosen parlor and made an appointment. I chose an outcall service, with the girls coming to my one-room apartment. I wanted to be in a familiar environment for this. Obviously I had to choose one girl with voluptuous body and, out of curiosity, one with a slim body, because a tiny bit of variety never hurts.

They showed up a few minutes early. I had never been with two women at the same time, in any form except from perhaps sitting in a canteen. I welcomed them to my apartment, hoping that my neighbors wouldn’t see these two sex workers entering my home. I actually cared about what they might think about that and I believe everybody does.

The girls were attractive enough and I felt overwhelmed that I’d soon have them both. At first I was nervous, afraid about how I would take on these two women. Nothing in my life had prepared me for such a situation. 

My lonely life in the USA

I did not have much experience with women at that point. I had never been able to get women in New York and I had fled the USA hoping that European women would find me attractive.

I had several dates in Prague but still no girlfriend. And neither had any woman besides my mother told me that she loved me. I would experience that in a few months’ time, but not yet.

Some new sexual experience at last

And now I had these two women right in front of me. I became afraid of suffering some extreme sexual failure that would cripple me with embarrassment. I thought about what was going down between my legs: I could feel nothing, like my penis had died and fallen off.

Here I had two sexually available females in front of me for the sole purpose of pleasuring me till I halfway died and sex was the last thing on my mind?!

They suggested that we should take a shower together, but I was already clean. Then I reconsidered, thinking that perhaps it would be a chance for me to get relaxed. It was the right decision to make, because as soon as we were all naked and went to my shower I started to get in the right mood.

I even got turned on, finally started thinking about sex. My penis became huge during the shower as I rubbed against these two hot wet girls. They giggled and took turns playing with it.

My body was not large enough to contain all the sexual joy these two women were bringing me.

We were in the shower for about ten minutes. It was fast. Then we got out and we toweled each other off.

Paradise with two women

We went to my bed and one of them, the curvy one, grabbed me by my dick and walked me there, which made me even harder. It felt amazing being in that bed with the two of them.

I’d spent so many lonely, painful nights masturbating and here I was with these two lovely Czech girls.

Both of them were highly hospitable and took very good care of me. They simultaneously oiled my body, one on either side of me. Those four hands on my body were incredible. This sensation took me to a level I’d never been to before.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the experience even more. There was not much light in the room anyway. It was already dark outside and only my small lamp on the nightstand was on.

The experience was so life-altering and truly different that I couldn’t believe I still inhabited the same space. Was this really the space that sheltered so much of my solitude?

Soon they took turns sucking my cock and they knew how to do that! I almost came really fast but I controlled myself. They wouldn’t leave me alone. I took turns fucking them both as hard as I could, trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Then at last I came, fortunately inside the one I preferred.

I hugged both girls before they left because I was grateful for this truly unforgettable experience.

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