The Best Sex Chat Sites of 2020

Sex is pretty much the common goal of all social media platforms today – well, getting attention is, but that attention’s ultimate end-goal is usually sex. It’s hard to come across a girl that’s not showing off her “assets” in one way or another on Instagram, and the same goes for a lot of men too (at least the better-looking men). There are, of course, people who use social media for non-sexual related goals such as keeping up with their friends and social networking, but the majority of social media users who expose themselves to a certain degree usually do so for the goal of attaining either sex, a longterm relationship or both.

Back in the day, there were plenty of free chat rooms that one could frequent, such as AOL’s instant messaging service. It was the OG version of modern-day social media sites. Of course, it was nearly impossible to determine what kind of person you’re talking to back then on those old chat rooms because they usually weren’t camera-enabled. A lot of the times, the “cute 16-year-old girl” that you were talking to was actually a 40-something-year-old pedophile. But nowadays, things have definitely changed for the better.

There are plenty of free and premium pay-to-play sites online that let you interact with strangers who all share a common goal with you: getting off virtually. Modern-day social media apps are really just perpetuating the whole mentality of online sex, as was mentioned before, especially Instagram. But despite Instagram’s whole underlying bottom line of giving its users pseudo-sexualized attention, it still isn’t a sex chat application. Nowadays, a lot of people tend to skip the “getting to know each other” part that comes with social media use and go straight for the virtual sex, which can be enabled on many free websites. There are plenty of 18+ websites that let you do precisely this, and you can find all of them on the Porn Dude’s “Adult Sex Chat Site” listings.

It’s All About Communication – And That Includes a Few Things…

Chatting with a stranger online isn’t as dangerous as it used to be – and when it does occur, it doesn’t just include the standard text-based messaging format. Nowadays, most people are online-literate and want authenticity and assuredness when talking to strangers online, and what better way to deliver that than by turning on your camera and/or microphone. After all, there are still plenty of pedophiles posing as teen girls on sex chat sites, and nowadays, there are a lot of bots swarming free adult sex chat sites as well.

If you truly want to stop feeling lonely after masturbating to internet porn solo-mode, then you’re going to have to buy yourself a webcam and a microphone, because no one in their right mind would want to have virtual sex with talk a person who can only send text-format messages. There are plenty of sites that let you chit-chat with strangers for free with or without a camera, and they include…

You’ve Got The Free Adult Sex Chat Sites…

Omegle, ChatAvenue, ChatRandom, and iSexyChat are just a few of the many free-to-use sites that are cataloged within the Porn Dude’s sex chat site listings. These kinds of free sites are filled to the brim with horny males looking to find a horny girl to masturbate together with, and that’s their main flaw. They are free sites after all, and that, of course, means that beggars can’t be choosers – you’re paired with whoever you’re paired with, and most of the time, you’ll be paired with a guy who is just dying to start masturbating.

But on the off-chance that you do encounter a woman, then you should definitely consider yourself lucky – especially if she doesn’t skip you for someone else. Once you actually pair with a living breathing female, you can chat with her via a provided text-box, through voice, or even turn on your camera for a cam-to-cam virtual sex experience. All in all, free chat rooms are a wonderfully thrilling way to waste time until you get frustrated by the abundance of horny guys on them, but at the end of the day, they do provide a more exciting means of masturbating to online XXX content.

And The Pay-To-Play Adult Cam Sites

If you want to get the best out of your virtual sex chat experience, then you might want to check out the live sex cam sites. One thing I can say about these sites is that they provide you with much more “porn value” than the aforementioned free adult sex chat sites. The majority of these websites have an abundance of cam models on them who are online at all times, and they mostly work based on credits, which are purchased with real-life currency.

Credits (or sometimes referred to as ‘Coins’) are spent when watching a live cam model, and most of the time, you can talk to the models via a text-box or through a microphone. A lot of them will be thrilled to hear from you and will respond enthusiastically, usually asking you if you have any preferences or requests. It’s not a free experience, but it does provide you with a lot more value than free adult sex chat sites, which are mostly random when it comes to pairings.

All in All, it’s a Better, Less-Lonesome Experience Than Watching Porn Solo

Regardless if you’re meeting a new girl to masturbate together with via camera every day or paying money to watch cam models do unspeakable things for you, you can’t argue that it’s a lonesome experience. A lot of people who masturbate to internet porn tend to feel increasingly lonely and incapable of human contact the longer they do it – that’s why adult sex chat sites are considered as saviors for many lonely internet porn enthusiasts. If you want to feel less lonely, then you’re more than welcome to search through the Porn Dude’s listings and find the right adult sex chat site for you.

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