What to Do if Your Pregnant Wife Doesn’t Want Sex?

Have you been married for a while now? Well, even if your marriage is one or two years old, you may have noticed the difference in your sex life. Everything changes after sex, and the same partner is less enthusiastic about it all. As time passes, you settle into a routine, and sex feels like an everyday mundane thing. Moreover, if your wife is pregnant, she may not even want sex anymore due to hormonal changes. If your wife denies you sex every time you try to initiate it, you will eventually stop trying.

Many women report that they feel less wet during pregnancy and also have less intense orgasms. All these changes can make your wife want to stay away from sex during her pregnancy. Moreover, your wife won’t be allowed sex for another six weeks or more after she gives birth, depending on how much her body takes to recover. So while you take care of your pregnant wife, how are you supposed to deal with your own sexual frustration?

Dealing With Sexual Frustration

Well, there are ways you can accommodate your sexual desires when your pregnant wife doesn’t feel like indulging in sex. The best way to achieve sexual pleasure by yourself would be using a sexy doll realistic. 

That’s right; you need a good-quality sex doll to accompany you if you want to deal with sexual frustration effectively.

Understandably, you may have some doubts regarding purchasing a sex doll. Sex dolls have been a hush-hush topic for years, so you may have some doubts regarding them. However, there is a simple solution to this problem; you simply do not have to tell anyone. Just like you don’t share the details of your sex life, the sex doll will be a part of it, and you can keep it to yourself. Additionally, your wife will be supportive as a sex doll is just another sex toy. It doesn’t have to be a big deal as the doll is not a real woman.

Using sex dolls while your wife is pregnant is a win-win situation. You get to release stress and sexual frustration, and your wife gets to rest, knowing you are faithful to her.

Benefits of Having Sex With A Silicone Sex Doll

So far, you have been reading about sex dolls as a substitute for when your pregnant wife doesn’t want to have sex. However, there are many more reasons why you should purchase a sex doll. Let’s take a look at these reasons:

  • Sex dolls never deny you pleasure: A sex doll will never say no to you, regardless of the situation. So whether it is 5 AM or midnight, a sex doll is good to go. Let’s consider the alternative of having sex with your pregnant wife. She can’t match your pace and will have to accommodate everything to make herself comfortable. However, a sex doll is ready to do whatever you want and solely focuses on pleasuring you.
  • They feel like real women: Silicone sex dolls feel just like real women when purchased from a trustworthy seller. For instance, Silicone sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone to replicate the feeling of skin. So when having sex with a sex doll, it’s like you are with a woman whose only motive is to pleasure you.
  • You can use a Best BBdoll silicone sex doll check here to try new positions: If your pregnant wife wants to lay off sex, you can use a sex doll to try out new positions. You might be able to come up with a sex position that your wife also enjoys, all the while enjoying yourself.
  • Easy to clean: Silicone sex dolls are made of the best materials and last for a long time. Naturally, they require some care. But the good thing is that cleaning a silicone sex doll is quite easy.
  • You get to enjoy blowjobs: If your wife is pregnant and has a low sex drive, she won’t enjoy oral sex either. Luckily, sex dolls have a penetrable mouth that you can use for blowjobs. It feels just as good, minus the suction.
  • You can go as many times as you want: Women usually have lower sex drives than men. They also have much stronger orgasms, which tire them out quickly. Hence, your wife, already exhausted from being pregnant, won’t want sex more than once. But sex dolls are ready to go as many times as you wish. Your sex doll will never get tired and turn your down for round two(or four).

These are some of the advantages of owning a sex doll. However, many people shy away from a high-quality sex doll when they see the price. So let’s try to understand why these dolls cost so much and if they are worth the money.

Are Silicone Sex Dolls Worth It?

You must be aware of the hefty price tag that silicone sex dolls carry. Well, there is good reasoning behind the price tag, and you will find that they are very much worth it. There is a lot that goes into making a silicone sex doll. For instance, let’s talk about BBdoll premium silicone sex dolls.


  • They let you customize every aspect of your doll, from head to toe. So you can enjoy sex with your dream woman every day.
  • BBdoll uses only the best quality materials to manufacture their sex dolls. Moreover, all their sex dolls are fully certified and safe to use.
  • All their sex dolls are built to perfection, and as long as you look after your doll, it will last for years.
  • The sex doll you purchase from BBdoll will have hours of labor behind it. Most importantly, their sex dolls are hand-crafted. Their body parts are carefully painted to look just like a real woman’s.

It is easy to get carried away by a low price tag, but be careful not to buy from such websites. If you purchase a sex doll from a website that offers silicone dolls at low prices, it is most likely a scam. You might even lose the money you put into it or end up with a horrible quality product.

So, make sure to only purchase from a reputed sex doll seller like BBdoll.

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