3 Sex Toys You Need Now

Hearing your friends talk about the toys they use by themselves or with a partner may make you a bit bashful. However, more people are purchasing a variety of toys to spice up their sex lives

The books and movie franchise of E.L. James’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” officially started the conversation. The book rose to number one on the bestseller list and became a guilty pleasure for millions. Many memorable scenes were of the two leads locked inside a room filled with a bed and dozens of sex toys.

Fifteen million dollars is spent annually on the sex toy industry and with good reason. With so many options on the market, you may wonder which toy is the right one for you. Here are three sex toys you should buy right now.

Sex Dolls

There are a few reasons you may want to purchase a robotic sex doll. Having a carefree and fun atmosphere with your significant other is one reason to buy one. Companies are creating premium sex dolls with AI to give you a very realistic experience. The dolls have soft, realistic skin that responds to your touch and moveable bodies that simulate a real human body.

A robotic doll can be used alone or with your partner to encourage a more outgoing experience. If you feel awkward about what you may want sexually, you can demonstrate or show your partner what you’d like to do on the doll itself. You can enjoy the company of someone else without having to ask a real human into your home. It keeps your sex life private and just between you and your signifcant other. These dolls can be priced from about $1,000 to $10,000.


Vibrating stimulators come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. These toys are created for men and women alike, although most of those who buy these are women. Such toys can be used by yourself or together to explore each other and discover what you both like. There are rings designed to be used by both of you, encouraging a closer bond, body confidence, and release of oxytocin.

Some experts believe the current year can be the best for couples to explore these toys with each other. Toys don’t have to be just for special occasions; they can be used at any time together. Many women can’t climax during normal penetration when having intercourse. Some vibrators are designed to make this easier for them and letting their partner feel better knowing their wife or girlfriend was satisfied. This can help with sleep and increases happiness thanks to the release of the body’s endorphins.


This form of sexual pleasure doesn’t have to be rough or hurt physically. Utilizing smaller whips in a gentle way can benefit both partners. Sometimes the thrill alone can help you mentally get excited, which increases your desire. S and M gear is often thought of as taboo. If you are alone, whether at the time or not currently with someone, using these toys can benefit you in a few ways.You can safely enjoy yourself, finding out what you desire, and release some stress in the process. For example, when using a whip on yourself you can control the pleasurable pain threshold.

There also isn’t a time frame or rush when exploring on your own body. When you are with a partner, you can demonstrate how you like to be treated. If you aren’t comfortable with such equipment, the greatest toy you have can be your imagination. Talking to your partner and telling them what you want can help you both achieve the climax and intimacy you want.

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